Monday, February 23, 2009

Glass Slippers

I went to a ball masque on Friday night. I had a wonderful time until I got home and realized I'd lost my cocktail ring, which has a real diamond in the center, and previously belonged to my maternal grandmother. I went back to the site of the ball and looked all through the trash can in the lady's room (I really think it must have slipped off my hand when I dried my hands with a paper towel) but I couldn't find it. I got really upset that I couldn't find the ring, to the point of crying myself to sleep and dreaming repeatedly that I'd found it. (I got up several times and, still half asleep, looked around the house for the ring.)
After I woke up on Saturday and had time to talk to my parents about it, I felt much better. My mother and I share a philosophy that its better to use the things you love and risk breaking or losing them rather than keeping them locked away where they are safe but neglected. Its just surprising how poorly I can react to sudden things like losing something valuable or receiving unexpected news.
Other than that, my weekend was very nice. I went to a lot of parades and had a good time, although I am really tired today. I'm going to the parades tonight, but hope to stay home and make cabbage soup and get my house in order on my day off tomorrow.

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