Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Four Schnauzers of the Apocalypse

I am dog sitting my parent's two miniature schnauzers this week while they are on vacation in Italy. My two miniature schnauzers are far from the best behaved doggies in the world, but my parent's dogs are far less disciplined. So far we've had 3 incidents of urination (Although one was from my dog Bernie, in reaction to another dog peeing in his house! The nerve!), but the dogs are far less barky than they are at my parent's house. Its amazing how effective telling them to stop barking actually is.
My parents, I might add, think I'm incredibly cruel for putting their little tinklers in dog cages when I leave the house. They really don't believe me when I tell them that crate training is a good thing!
My poor boyfriend, cat person extraordinaire, is tolerating our four legged house guests as well as possible. He gets bonus points for not staying somewhere else this week (which is actually his birthday week, to boot), since they have decided that they want to sleep with him on his side of the bed at night!

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  1. That is so funny that the pups want to sleep next to Benji. They know he doesn't like them. Sam, my beagle does the same thing to Stephanie when she comes to see me. They just know! :)