Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well that didn't last long.
I am very disappointed right now because Cash for Clunkers is done. In less than a week.
I was not able to get my car because my Subaru dealer was taking his sweet time getting all the paperwork sorted out. At one point, he suggested that they sell me the car without the $3500 and then they pay me back when they get reimbursed from the govt. (FYI, that's not legal according to the rules of the law.) I said no.
I really think that ultimately, the owners of the dealership didn't want to take on the risk implicit in waiting for the Govt. to reimburse them. However, they wouldn't outright say that, and just let the process drag on instead.
I put down a deposit on a car that would have to be shipped to the dealership from another state, and that money was supposed to bring the car here. That never happened and my car got sold.
So no Red Forester for me. :( I'm really upset about that. I put money down for that car and now the car is gone. The fact that there are more cars to be had is beside the point.
I think had they not stalled, they could have done cash for clunkers because they were verified as of Tuesday but now it's too late. Because of this, I actually spent some time today talking to other dealers...I'm not sure I want to do business with the dealer here anymore. Until this week I felt like I was being treated in a very forthright manner, but I think I've been getting the runaround this week and I don't appreciate that.
Everything will turn out fine. I can still afford to get a new car soon (I've been saving for a year, after all) and my car still runs well.
I have to drive to Gulfport this weekend so my dad can reinstall the radio and other various pieces that he harvested a couple weeks ago.
At the moment I am just overwhelmed and overtired. I felt really stressed out today about not getting my car and I had to jump through some hoops trying to get paperwork sorted out in case I wanted to get a car from a dealer in another state. That was a lot of stress (because we all know that I stress out at the drop of a hat anyway) and then Cash for Clunkers got canceled just whenI felt like I had a handle on things again.
I'm just upset that I wasted so much energy feeling stressed out and trying to put everything back in order and then it all fell through.

edit: And now as of this morning (7/31/09) they may increase funding for it- just have wait and see. Back on the rollercoaster.


  1. Boo. That sucks, especially when you were so close and had no reason to believe things wouldn't progress in a timely manner. Way to hang in there, though - despite the frustration!

  2. Yeah, boo...sorry, Shells. It'll happen for you, just don't work yourself into a nervous breakdown meanwhile. :)