Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wedding Stuff

It's been almost a month since I got engaged and people have started asking me how my wedding planning is going. My answer is, slowly. In all fairness, we've kind of narrowed the date down to March or April of 2011, so there is plenty of time. On Saturday we're going to look at two potential venues, which I am looking forward to. I want to be able to imagine details of what everything will be like, but I find that to be pretty difficult when I haven't even seen the places where I'm thinking about having the wedding and reception.
Other progress:
We've "envisioned our event," as the knot would say. Basically this means that we have agreed that it will be inside, during the evening, and that the wedding and reception will be in the same place. We favor cocktails and appetizers over a sit down meal.
I know what I don't want in a dress- I am basically going for the opposite of the poofy princess dress. I'd love something fitted and maybe even short. That's all I know- I haven't done much else beyond dismiss the majority of wedding dresses on the internet as entirely too poofy, and wonder aloud if the Jcrew dresses would look good on someone other than Keira Knightly's clone. (I particularly like the second dress I've linked but I don't think it's designed for someone with boobs.)
I have a vague image of white flowers with dark green leaves in mint julep cups.
Oh and I've added a bunch of wedding blogs to my google reader. That totally counts as progress, right?

Other events coming up include my Theta Alumni Club's wine and cheese party tonight (I've made Smitten Kitchen's cheesecake brownies, and urge you to do the same because they are amazing), and a night out on the town tomorrow. We are planning to go to the GAPSA (graduate and professional student association) mixer which gets all the grad students (and their dates) at the various colleges in town together for free drinks; and then we're going to the Marigny to listen to Debauche- The Russian Mafia Band. We keep tossing around the idea of asking them to play at our wedding, but we're worried that they're a little too non-traditional. :) And on Monday my office is having their annual Thanksgiving Potluck which I really enjoy. The food is always really good. I'm making Macaroni and Cheese (also from Smitten Kitchen).


  1. ENGAGED!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I am so excited for ya'll. Benji is such a great guy and I hope ya'll they best. CONGRATS!!!!

  2. You know, I'd love to get married again now that I'm a little older and wiser. I think I made almost NO decisions for my wedding because I was 22 when I planned it and in school and really too busy to enjoy the bride thing at all. Plus, my mother isn't really imaginative. I suggested we hire someone to teach a little Salsa dancing while we were having our pictures taken and my mother about died.

  3. It looks like the second dress has room for boobs. I'd be prepared to buy it according to the bust measurement and have the rest taken in, though, so the pleats don't stretch out to nothing. :)

  4. Lauri, That's a really good point! I still kind of worry that it would look like a big pillow on top if I wore it. I think that I would potentially order that dress if I knew that returns would be free. Otherwise getting a wedding dress on the internet seems like a bad idea.

  5. Katy, my experience with my first wedding was similar. I basically only cared about the dress and the flowers so I let my mom pick out everything else because I was busy trying to finish my senior year of college. I helped with some details like bridesmaids dresses and invitations too, but Mom did the leg work and just asked what I liked.
    The downside is that I'm afraid my taste has gotten more expensive as I've gotten older- and I have to pay for this one!