Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

I'm spending most of today cleaning my house because lately my cleaning has been superficial at best. That doesn't really cut it when one has four pets.
I stopped a little while ago to make myself a quick lunch. I don't like sandwiches (I know, I'm a giant weirdo) so sometimes it's hard to come up with something quick for lunch. (Weekdays are better because I just make rice and beans on Sunday evening and take it to work all week.)
Luckily, I remembered a recipe I had been meaning to make- Smitten Kitchen's eggs in tomato sauce. It was delicious and took about 5 minutes to make. (I didn't simmer my tomato sauce for the 10-20 minutes suggested, and it turned out fine.) It goes without saying that it would also make a great, quick dinner. I love eggs because they cook so quickly!
Basically, I had about a half a can of tomato sauce that I needed to use up. I sauteed a crushed clove of garlic in a little olive oil. I then added the tomato sauce and seasoned it with a little honey, a generous amount of basil and red pepper, and a glug of red wine. After it started simmering, I stirred it around for a couple minutes, reduced the heat, cracked two eggs right into the sauce and covered it. I checked the eggs occasionally and after 4 minutes they were perfect- the whites were done but the yolks were still runny. I poured the whole thing over two sandwich thins, and sprinkled goat cheese on top. Then I devoured it. :)


  1. That recipe intrigued me too, but somehow I never think about it when it's appropriate. Maybe your post will help me remember. Now it's off for a poached egg and some cheese grits! (Lest you think I'm even more of a weirdo, it's breakfast time here.)

  2. I bet Charlie would love this recipe--eggs and tomato sauce are some of his favorite items--imagine the two together!

    I'm a little sad that you don't like sandwiches. I LOVE sandwiches--and soup. I'm hungry just typing about it.