Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thurday Clothes

I actually didn't end up wearing jeans and a top last night. I wore a long linen dress because it was really hot outside! Here's a picture of the dress (another hand me down from Steph) taken in Ft. Lauderdale a couple years ago (because anything is better than another "work bathroom" shot).

Today I'm wearing a blue print trapeze dress from American Eagle with camel colored flats. Here's a picture of it that I dug up from facebook.As far as the rest of the evening goes, I'll end up wearing a tank and running shorts to work out in, then yoga pants and a different tank for lounge wear.
Reflections: a) I love the bow on my dress.
b) It's something that my mom would disparage as "making me look pregnant" but I don't care. I love loose flowy clothes and I think that this dress works b/c the fabric is knit, which means it doesn't stick straight out from the sides of my body like a stiffer fabric would. Also, it has a bow! And pockets!
c) My short hair was so cute!

So this brings my total thus far this week up to 14 different items of clothing by the end of the day. If you leave off workout and lounge clothes- I'll have worn 7. I think that so far it's been interesting for me to keep track of what I wear. I think I do a good job of reusing my work pants and after work clothes (yesterday's lounge wear is generally at least part of today's workout wear) but I think I could do a better job of choosing shirts that wrinkle less (I wear more knit tops in the winter- it's just too hot for that in the summer and a lot of them are long sleeved) and of choosing clothes that go from day to evening.

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  1. For a second I was like, whoa--where is she in that top picture?