Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Clothes

Today I'm wearing the black pants from yesterday (don't judge me), a black and white short sleeved button down from Anne Taylor, and black Keen mary janes. I also brought, but didn't need, an electric blue cardigan from Alloy.
I'm going to dinner with friends this evening and plan to wear jeans, a dark green cotton shirt, and black flats.
Reflections: a) Again with the wrinkles- I promise I ironed this shirt! I'm starting to think that it's because I slouch.
b) There was a chance that I was going to have to travel to a testing lab for work today, so I'm wearing the epitome of my "nice, appropriate, but square" work look. Had I known the trip would be postponed, I probably would have worn a knit dress with the cardi and just gone to dinner in that.
c) I bought my new Keen's from Piperlime b/c they were on sale and I really want some black walking shoes. I'm also very happy with a pair of brown Keen hiking sneakers I own. This pair, though has thus far been disappointing. The arch support is wonderful, but they rub the back of my heels and blister me if I don't wear them with socks. I got them stretched at the cobbler and am wearing them with socks today and I think they are a little better, but it's always hard to tell if you are breaking something in when the initial hour or so of wearing them makes your heels hurt. I think they're better and I am persevering, but it's been a frustrating process because the last pair gave me no trouble at all! I'm hoping to wear them on a walking intensive trip I'm taking in a couple weeks, but I'm feeling a little pessimistic.

So far this week, excluding underwear and PJ's- I will have worn 12 different items of clothing by the end of the day. If you leave off workout and lounge clothes- I'll have worn 7.


  1. Hmmm. . . does your iron have water in it? I find that my iron works so much better if I'm steaming my clothes a little. Also, starch can be good if it doesn't scare you. I don't use it on my clothes, but Hubby did (uniforms) and I'll use it for tablecloths and such.

  2. I do put water in my iron, but I feel like on dark shirts, starch can look a little like dandruff. I need to use it more often on my light colored tops.