Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Delicious Healthy Things

Let me just say how much I love the combination of yogurt and granola. Love love love love love. However, I tend to find granola a bit too calorie dense to justify eating it very often. 150 calories for 1/4 cup and I still have to add stuff to it like yogurt or milk? That puts it in the special treat category for me.
Happily, I've found some granola that is cooked with fruit instead of oil! They only carry two flavors of Galaxy Granola at my local Whole Foods (Vanilla Almond Munch and Not Sweet Vanilla Munch), but fortunately I LOVE vanilla almond granola. Calorie wise, the Vanilla Almond Munch is 165 calories for half a cup. Not bad! And I usually only use a quarter of a cup on top of my yogurt in the morning anyway. This granola is delicious. If I think about it, I can maybe taste a bit of a fruity tang to it, but to me, that just adds to the flavor. Its tasty and nice and crunchy.

Another delicious healthy thing I tried yesterday was a chocolate brownie Pure Bar. I went for a long run yesterday morning and ate this bar when I got done. My dear boyfriend walked in, saw me eating it and asked "So are you justifying eating that brownie with the fact that you ran?" Haha! It doesn't have the texture of a brownie, but it is dense, chewy, not too sweet, and has an intense chocolate flavor. I liked it more than a Larabar (which I also enjoy). This bar was a little larger, the chocolate flavor was stronger, and it had nice big chunks of nuts in it. I'll definitely be eating more of these energy bars in the future.

Something I recently tried that was healthy, but sadly, not so delicious, was coconut water. I had high hopes for this stuff b/c it is very low calorie and packed with electrolytes. When I work out a lot, I have a big problem with muscle cramps in my feet, legs, abdomen, and back, and I think it has a lot to do with my electrolyte balance. Gatorade helps, but I don't like it. I don't really like the way it tastes and I'd rather not take in that many calories from something I don't enjoy.
So obviously, I had high hopes for coconut water. Sadly, it is not to be. I don't think its disgusting, but the taste reminds me A LOT of sake (minus the alcohol of course)- which I don't like. So if you like Sake and are looking for an alternative to energy drinks, you can certainly give it a try. :) I find it to be more palatable when I mix it with some Perrier too, so that may be how I get through my little bottle of the stuff.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the granola! I found it at my local co-op tonight and it is truly yummy! I, too, have been looking for a lower-calorie granola for a while!

    I'm glad I found your new blog! Xanga has been a desert for a long time!