Thursday, March 25, 2010

Virtual Shopping

I cleaned out my closet this week, and my darling fiance was kind enough to haul two big bags of clothes to the Bridge House. Having cleaned my closet, I feel that I now have some leeway to identify a few gaps in my wardrobe that need to be filled.
The first is a little black dress. I gave away one LBD that was too small, and my remaining one is a little too big (although I still wear it). I am partial to this one, but am not sure if I want to get a strapless LBD because my current one is also strapless. The search continues! :)
Another purchase I need to make eventually is a reception dress. I wasn't thinking that I would get a white one because I want something I can wear again, but I am rather taken with this little white dress. I think it's simple enough that I can pair it with some extravagant shoes (maybe in blue?) at my reception, then wear it again with something more practical in the future.
I also need to get some new swimwear this season. I can't decide if I would rather have a one-piece or a bikini (or two).
Finally, I need a few cute tops to wear out on the town.
What's on your shopping list this year?

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big 3-0 (not for me, silly!)

So the exciting stuff coming up is that my darling fiance is turning 30 this coming weekend and since his med school kindly timed spring break to coincide with his birthday- we are going to take a trip! We'll be going to Estes Park, Co! While we are there, we plan to ride horses, ski at a nearby mountain, snowshoe, and (courtesy of his parents, who sent us a gift card) get massages! I am really looking forward to the trip!
Of course, prior to leaving for our trip, we plan to celebrate his birthday with our friends by getting BBQ at Squeal on Friday.

A lot to catch up on

Sorry I haven't written in so long! I've been a busy busy girl!
On the vegetables front, I have to say that I have completely fallen off of the 5 a day wagon. I had good intentions but at the end of the day, I just don't like snacking on raw veggies in the afternoon, and weekend spontaneity and rigid resolutions don't mix. So let's just file this under "reasons Shelly can never be a vegetarian" and not speak of it again.
As for fitness, I tried two new things last week. On Tuesday I took a spinning class and since there weren't that many people at the Pilates studio on Wed. (due to St. Patrick's Day, I'm sure), our class got to do a half mat/half reformer machine class. Both spinning and Pilates reformers were intense. I actually ended up having a good bit of pain in my left hip (from the reformer, I think) so I think I will be skipping Pilates this week. I'm doing well with my running and feel 100% prepared for the Crescent City Classic because I ran 6 miles last weekend. This weekend I ran 4 and walked an additional 1.5 on Friday with my running buddy Margee, then ran 5 and walked an additional mile with my friend Gretchen on Sunday. I am really proud of Gretchen because I talked her into signing up for the classic and she did great during our run yesterday!
Socially, I have been out and about more often than not. Last weekend I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and my friend Sarah R's birthday party on Saturday and to a bridal show at Ralph's on the Park on Sunday. The bridal show was very nice and, unsurprisingly, my favorite vendor was the man giving out samples of Champagne. I got to try Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot Rose, and Ruinart, which is really really good!
On Monday, my wedding dress came in, so I used my lunch hour to go pick it up. So exciting!! (And I'll get to wear it in just under 13 months- wee!) I also went to my friend Sarah T's house for an early St. Patrick's Day potluck dinner full of green food. (I brought sprite and lime sherbet floats for dessert.)
On Thursday, I attended a cocktails and canapes event at the Bourbon House.
On Friday, we went to the Hi Ho Lounge and saw both Debauche the Russian Mafia Band, and Slow Burn Burlesque. I'd never seen a burlesque show before, but I really enjoyed it.
On Saturdaym my darling fiance and I went to the local French/English bilingual school's Fete Francaise and then to a fundraiser for the Southern Rep Theater that featured music from Kermit Ruffins and Trombone Shorty, lots of really good food (including a whole roast pig filled with jambalaya) and a silent auction. I bid on and won a necklace from Symmetry Jewelers (the same jewelers who made my engagement ring). It's really pretty- a crescent moon and stars formed into a silver circle.
On Sunday, I ran with Gretchen, then tried to go to Hancock Fabrics with my friend Sarah L, but the store was closed due to a parade in Metairie. So we got ice cream instead. After that I volunteered at the Poydras Home (I called bingo- it was so much fun!), then got our groceries for the week. We ended the weekend by grilling salmon, chicken sausage, bbq chicken (the latter two meats are for us to eat this week), a halved artichoke, and roasted garlic bread. It was a great dinner!
Tonight I have bookclub and tomorrow I have a board meeting for my Theta Alum club.
And I am officially tired from just typing all this!!
BUT I still have some really great stuff to talk about- I just think I'll put it in a separate post because this one is getting long!
Check back soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My darling fiance gave me a gift certificate for several classes at Romney Pilates (because he is awesome and the sweetest fiance ever) and I attended my first Pilates class in FOREVER last night. I loved it! The Studio is really gorgeous (and eco-friendly) and the class I took (intermediate mat pilates) was excellent- I could do all of the poses, but it was pretty challenging- I definitely got a good workout!
Tuesday, I swam laps with my running buddy Margee. (I guess I should call her my workout buddy instead of running buddy b/c we also lift weights and now swim together). Swimming was a lot of fun, and very tiring. I didn't actually wear my new suit- I decided to return it. I tried it on and have decided that while I ordered the correct size, the cut of the suit was kind of unflattering- so I'm exchanging it for a different suit and borrowing an old one from Margee until it comes in.
Tonight I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland with my friends Sarah and Sarah (actually I have three friends named Sarah, and I saw a poetry reading by Rita Dove with the third Sarah on Monday.)
So anyway, since I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, I'll leave you with a video that's been cracking me up lately: Tim Burton's Secret Formula!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't believe I forgot to blog about this until now, but I made some really really good stuffed poblano peppers last week!
We had a grilled BBQ chicken breast that needed to be eaten- so I chopped it up and mixed it with black beans (from a can b/c I'm classy like that), salsa, cilantro, chopped green onions, and cheddar cheese. I stuffed this mixture into two poblano peppers, added a little water (maybe 1/4 cup, not much at all) to the bottom of the baking dish, then baked them at 400F for 40 minutes. I turned them over midway through their baking time.
I served them topped with a little greek yogurt and salsa and they were wonderful! I'll definitely be making them again!


So I failed to eat at least 5 servings of vegetables three times last week. (And once, already, this week.) So what have we learned? Mainly that I suck at eating veggies during the weekend. The only time I slipped up during the week, I actually ate 4 servings of vegetables, so at least I was close. My weekend servings (I messed up last Sunday, this past Saturday, and this Sunday) were a lot lower (think 2). I do eat vegetables at dinner, but I am 100% more likely to eat a sandwich or an egg and call it lunch on the weekend. I don't really plan ahead for my meal on the weekend and I also am prone to eating a big meal out, then eating like a bird the rest of the weekend because I am full. I also tend to shop on Sundays so by Saturday, even if I *should* down a green monster to make up my veggies- I'm often out of spinach. Never fear, the challenge is still on, and I am still maintaining my spreadsheet. However, I need to have a plan in place to get my veggies on the weekends! I'll let you know when I think of something! :)
The good news is that fitness wise, last week outstanding! I worked out a total of 5 times- 2 days of weight lifting, 1 day on the treadmill (at 15% incline and 4 Km/hr pace- try it, you'll like it!) and 2 runs!!!! It feels so good to be active again!
My runs were great, especially my 4 mile run on Sunday. I was feeling kind of anxious about it since I had a pretty hard time on my runs last week, but I told myself to just get out there and run around the park. It didn't matter how long it took or if I needed to walk- all I had to do was go outside, enjoy the weather, run to the park, run the loop around the park, and come home. Ultimately, I didn't walk at all, and even though I didn't push myself, my pace was 9:20- not bad! The best part was that I had a great time. I literally had a smile on my face for the entire run! It was wonderful and gave me a lot of much needed confidence. The Crescent City Classic is on April 3, and I do feel like I'll be ready in time. (Also, a note to people who want to run this race- tickets are $25 until March 15- after that, they are $30.)
This weekend was very nice all around. Of course, the gorgeous weather put me in a wonderful mood! On Friday, I ran errands after work, then ran 3 miles. That evening, we went to a friend's house for dinner. I brought this Kale Slaw (with buttermilk blue cheese dressing and walnuts) that was a big hit. (Now I just need to decide what to do with the leftover buttermilk I have- cornbread, perhaps?)
On Saturday, I had brunch at the Ruby Slipper with some of my sorority sisters (we're active in our local alumni club), went to the mall for a watch battery (and ended up buying a shirt for myself, and one for my darling fiance), got my hair cut and colored, and took my darling fiance to Squeal to have some yummy BBQ for dinner.
On Sunday, I spent most of the day cleaning our house (aka up to my neck in pet hair), but I did manage to get groceries and go for the 4 mile run I wrote about above. I also went to my friend Ashley's house to watch the Oscar's. I left before most of the awards were given out though because I was tired and I really only care about the fashion. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Do We Feel About This?

I just read that McDonald's and Weight Watchers are partnering up (in New Zealand). Basically Weight Watchers will approve a few menu items (Filet-O- Fish, Chicken McNuggets, and a chili seared chicken wrap are listed in the article) and McDonald's will put the number of Weight Watchers points on the menu (6.5, apparently). On one hand, I don't think that the items listed in the article at least are very healthy options- the fish and the nuggets are both fried and the bun on the sandwich is made of white bread. Also, sodium- the Filet-O-Fish contains 27% of your daily recommended sodium. Personally, of those items listed, I would select the Chicken McNuggets (because, YUM!)- and then, I would be hungry 10 minutes later. So while they may be an option that fits, calorically speaking, into one's diet- they aren't necessarily filling enough for a full meal.
On the other hand though, I can really see the appeal of knowing that something is okay in terms of your diet in case you want to treat yourself or if that's your only option for a meal. I personally love that Egg McMuffins are 300 calories. It's not the best choice for breakfast, but sometimes I want an Egg McMuffin (especially when they magically show up in the breakroom at work) and it makes me feel better knowing I haven't eaten all my day's calories at breakfast.
So I can see both sides. I guess my overall take on it is that whether or not weight watchers approve them, McNuggets are a sometimes food!

What do y'all think?