Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seriously Want to Go Shopping

Things I need to buy: a new camera. Still. I think I want this one, but I kind of hate gadget shopping. I'm such a bad engineer.
What I want are clothes, shoes, and bags. Disclaimer- I totally bought a pair of neon pink shorts and a pair of cobalt blue pants from Jcrew last week. They are fabulous. Especially the neon shorts.
However, this has only whetted my appetite.
Things I want- dark wash sexy bootcut jeans from the Gap, a pair of Toms (b/c now that they've been around for years, I can finally embrace the trend), a maxi dress, and  a couple of slouchy bags- I want a grey one to replace the one I bought last year and have completely destroyed with overuse, and a buff colored one for the summer b/c I think it would play nicely against my awesome neon pink shorts. :)

What do you plan to wear this summer?

Edited to add that I bought the camera and the dress online, and after some soul searching I've decided that I just don't need the Toms- I have a lot of cute flats already, so there's not a Toms shaped void in my life, or my closet. After some closet searching I realized that I have a tan hobo bag that I can totally use this summer- I just forgot it was back there! As for the jeans and the grey bag- the jury is still out. I really love my current grey bag and might see if I can get a tailor to fix it. And I think I should try the jeans on again before I decide to buy them, but I HATE going to the mall so I may just never bother. :) 


  1. I, too, hate malls and am far more likely to buy online than to visit one.

  2. I ended up going to the mall and trying the jeans on again, but I didn't like them as much as I did when I tried them on with y'all in San Francisco. So I'm glad I made the trip since it saved me some money! :)