Thursday, May 2, 2013

A not entirely practical list of things I want to wear while I'm pregnant

Some days, I really want to shop. Making a fantasy list helps me avoid needlessly spending money. Some of these things are remotely practical, but I will certainly not be getting everything on this list. :)

Also, I'm entirely sure this post is NOT what my mother had in mind when she said I should blog more about my pregnancy. :)

A long, hippy skirt to wear low on my hips with a long tank top.

More maxi dresses- mind you, I already have 3...

Something galaxy print- I'm obsessing over all the DIY stuff from this post on buzzfeed, so I may try to get an oversized black shirt from goodwill and DIY it.

Also, I found this shirt on amazon (galaxy print w/ a giant, crowned cat! OMG!) and I'm trying really hard not to buy it and wear it every day for the next two weeks at which point I'm sure I'll outgrow it.

Birkenstock clogs- since bending down is quickly becoming uncomfortable.

Converse- slip ons for the same reason as the Birks. Space print high tops b/c I'm obsessed.

Zip Front Hoodies- b/c my pullover hoodies aren't going to fit forever...

A maternity chambray shirt that isn't annoyingly gathered within an inch of it's life. (Can't even find a link for this one!)

Givenchy Dahlia Noir Perfume. Love love love love love. Though I hate it when I fall for pricey scents. I blame Sephora free samples for this!

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