Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Weekend of Good Food

I have eaten so well this weekend! Coquette was amazing. They infuse their own alcohols and I loved their fig infused Brandy. I had it in a French 75 to start my dinner, and I had a bit of it neat along side my dessert. As for food, my darling fiance and I split three small plates: roast oysters, fried shrimp with grapefruit, arugul, and chili oil, and duck and foie gras ravioli; as well as one large plate- seared scallops with green curry, rice noodles and bok choy. Everything was delicious! For dessert, we split a brownie with cherry cream anglais. So good!
On Saturday, I really enjoyed the Disney exhibit. I thought that the backgrounds were amazing- especially in Sleeping Beauty. I also really want to see The Princess and the Frog now! Oh, and The Ruby Slipper was delicious. I had the Huevos Rancheros and really loved them.
The ballet was okay. I really liked the first part of it, but the second half wasn't my favorite.
Today, I got up early and ran a couple of miles with my friend who were running in the Mardi Gras Marathon. I ran a mile to the race, then ran two miles with my friends. I wanted to run 3, but I couldn't keep up the pace for the third mile- sadly, I am so out of shape! However, I am really proud of my running buddy Margee who finished in 3:52! She's so awesome!
This afternoon, my darling fiance and I walked around Audubon park for a little while (the weather was amazing today!), then got groceries. This evening, we tried to cook something new for dinner- Grilled Pizza! It was awesome! We split our pizza into two smaller pieces. I topped both with tomato sauce, cheese, and prosciutto, then added spinach and goat cheese to one, and tomato and an egg to the other. We cooked them until the goat cheese was melted and the egg was sunny side up. Delicious! I've included a picture- grilled pizza, wine, and no make-up. Pretty much my idea of paradise. :)
We also went to Blue Cyprus Books before we went to the park this afternoon before going to the park. I bought The Mandarins by Simone De Beauvior. I have so many books to read this month!
Anyway, I had a really nice weekend and I hope everyone else did as well. Congratulations again to everyone who ran the Mardi Gras Marathon today!!


  1. Wasn't the ravioli to DIE FOR? That restaurant is making me fat ;)
    So you recommend the Disney exhibit? I thought it might be boring but you're the second person to say it was beautiful!

  2. The ravioli was amazing!! Pasta, duck, and foie gras are pretty much my favorite food groups. :)
    The only thing I disliked about the Disney exhibit was that it was really crowded. The art was really cool and they really went into the process of how things were done. I liked seeing some of the early prototypes for the princesses. There was a good bit of disagreement on how old to make Snow White, and there are some early pictures of Ariel in which she looks like a blonde Bjork. It was definitely better than I expected it to be!

  3. So interesting! I guess I'll bring my race number in and get half-price for the exhibit :)
    If Coquette ever brings back the "satsunami" you have to try it. Despite the fact that it contains satsuma juice and cashew liquor, it is not a sweet drink and the flavor combination is amazing.
    The constantly-changing drink menu is why I have to come back every week or so...

  4. I was really intrigued by their "dry sodas" too. I'll have to try one next time!

  5. I'm sad I won't get to go to the Ruby Slipper--I do love a good, girly brunch. I just packed all my travel into a six week period. One more trip to go!

    Glad to hear your pizza grilling was a success--I've always wanted to try that.

  6. have never tried grilling pizza, but it sounds so yummy!!

    nice to hear you are having so many lovely meals!

  7. It was easy and so good! I would definitely recommend giving it a try!