Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where to eat in New Orleans....

I often find myself giving friends recommendations of places to eat in New Orleans, so I thought it would be fun to start a recurring subject on this blog as well.
My first subject is a tricky one: Where to eat in New Orleans if you don't like seafood. Great non-seafood options can be found in New Orleans, but they are in the minority. More menus than one would think contain appetizer lists that are composed solely of seafood.
Good options for those who dislike seafood that I love are:

Zea- a local New Orleans chain that specializes in tasty rotisserie cooked meat.
Slice- Yummy gourmet pizza on a thin crust, and tasty Italian specials
Cochon (or the new Cochon Butcher)- upscale warehouse district eatery with a focus on house cured meats (hence the Butcher), and fancied up down home style cooking.
St. James Cheese Company- located next door to a wine shop, this is the perfect place to bring your bottle of wine, then relax on their patio with a meat or cheese plate.


  1. These are place I will have to check out when ever I make it that way.

  2. Grr. Have not yet made it to Cochon, but continue to hear wonderful things...

  3. Cochon's cornmeal pineapple upside down cake with Dulce De Leche sauce is to die for.