Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big 3-0 (not for me, silly!)

So the exciting stuff coming up is that my darling fiance is turning 30 this coming weekend and since his med school kindly timed spring break to coincide with his birthday- we are going to take a trip! We'll be going to Estes Park, Co! While we are there, we plan to ride horses, ski at a nearby mountain, snowshoe, and (courtesy of his parents, who sent us a gift card) get massages! I am really looking forward to the trip!
Of course, prior to leaving for our trip, we plan to celebrate his birthday with our friends by getting BBQ at Squeal on Friday.


  1. Fun! And how convenient that he's on break. And how nice that he GETS break. In pharmacy school those evil people were always finding ways to keep us at school during the break.
    The massages will be awesome, hopefully you scheduled them after the snowshoes!

  2. Gracie, we did! I scheduled them for the afternoon of the last day- I figured we'd need it by then! :)