Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something to Write About

Inspiration strikes!
I am having some members of my sorority alumni club over for dinner (and a board meeting) next week and I intend to feed them. I looked at Smitten Kitchen for some menu ideas and I think I'll make cranberry walnut chicken salad (minus the celery and with basil instead of taragon, because BLEH) on croissants, with a green side salad, and blondies for dessert. I think I may also make the Israeli salad with pita chips for dipping as a starter, but I haven't decided yet. The burning question is: what should I put in the blondies?
Some of my blondie ideas are chopped dried figs (presoaked in bourbon) + almonds, white chocolate + raspberries, butterscotch chips + chocolate chips....

So please, help me decide! A) Should I make the Israeli salad or not? and B) What should I put in my blondies?


  1. I'm a purist when it comes to blondies, so I don't put anything extra in them. I use the Cooking Light recipe that calls for browning the butter first. Deeelish!

  2. Yes to the Israeli salad and bourbon soaked figs sounds heavenly!