Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sorry for the silence, dear readers. I'm actually working on a post about packing for a work trip, so expect something servicey (and lengthy) with pictures (albeit ones taken with my lousy blackberry camera) soon.
So for now I'm quickly going to post about the nice time I had on Monday evening. I got to see my good friend Kathleen, who was in town for a conference. I was lovely to catch up. I don't get to see my friends from high school as often as I would like, so it's always a treat when they come down to New Orleans!
We had an excellent meal at Dragos, which, by the way, still offers their famous chargrilled oysters. I'm so happy that their oyster beds have thus far been spared!
Before dinner, Kathleen was kind enough to accompany me on another fruitless search for a reception dress. This BCBG dress looked so amazing online, but is only flattering on a stick person in real life.
I'm not even kidding when I tell you that the skirt is secretly sticking out about 6 inches on either side of her hips. (Also, does anyone else notice the weird lighting angle and that her shadow only has 1 leg? Photoshoperiffic!)
It's a pity because the fabric was amazing- a slightly metallic ecru with a waffle texture. I also really loved the black ribbon at the waist- I think it was such a sophisticated touch. *Sigh*
This dress, on the other hand, was adorable in white, but more along the lines of something I would wear to someone else's reception (though not in white, obviously).
I also re-tried on the White House Black Market dress I had my eye on. It's now on sale for $80, but I swear it gets more shear every time I try it on. So the search continues!


  1. Too bad, BCBG is my go-to for fancy dresses. Unless I sew them, that is!
    How about...

  2. I really like the Suzi Chin you linked from Norstrom! I also like this one...

  3. Just found your blog - its fab!

    I LOVE BCBG but find the dress fits really vary - try another, you might have more luck.

    PS. I love how you noticed those photo"chop" errors!


  4. Thank you!

    I agree, BCBG fit is really variable- I have a dress from a couple of years ago that fits really well, but this one was just wonky.

    And trying to spot bad photo shopping is both entertaining and informative. It's amazing how ubiquitous it is these days.