Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mississippi Blasphemies

I don't keep the fact that I am a terrible Southerner a secret. Here are some of the the blasphemous thoughts that have crossed my mind this week.

Why do I need 3 deviled egg trays when I have never actually made deviled eggs?

I don't need to put on makeup just to run to the grocery store, do I?

Am I the only one who realizes that Faith Hill's Mississippi Girl is just a countrified rip off of Jenny from the Block?

And somewhere, my mother is hanging her head in shame.....

Feel free to add to my list of Southern Blasphemies!


  1. I totally went to Walmart un-made-up today. And I use quick grits. I don't always invite people in, I think "tea" is a hot beverage, and I have never worn a hat to church. Suck it, Paula Dean.

  2. LOVE this! I'm in the south and hate all the debutante assumptions. Gracie adds some great thoughts haha