Friday, January 7, 2011

A bit of a rant

I watched this video on the Today Show website this morning. I clicked on the article (entitles "Is it your clothes that are making you look fat?") because I do sometimes feel like the cut of my clothes aren't the most flattering (not "fattening" necessarily, but just unflattering, if that makes sense.) I thought "Hey, maybe I'll pick up some tips for a more flattering silhouette."
No such luck.
I'll save you the time of watching the video (although I'll admit that watching Hoda and Kathy Lee huffing away on a treadmill during the segment was kind of amusing) and say that all they did was tell you to wear a good bra, spanx, tights, and a jersey dress that cinches in at the rib cage.
Rocket science? No.
Something I've never heard of before? Also No.
Comfortable? Heck No.
Worth taking time to write a whole damn book on the wearing of layers and layers of spandex under ones clothes? NO.

(They also dressed a lady in a leaopard print dress and a gold chain necklace and called it "work appropriate" which I find a little baffling.)

Does anyone else hate fashion advice that basically boils down to "Suffer or you're not doing it right?"


  1. Hell, yeah. They're called HEELS. Or maybe that's the plantar fasciitis speaking.

  2. Yeah, that's...dumb. Besides, the cinched-under-the-ribcage look does NOT flatter everyone. I happen to have a tinier true waist than under my ribs, so cinching higher up actually gives the impression of a wider waist!

  3. Good point. I also think that that style can cross the line from "body conscious" to "self conscious" if you're not careful. As in, regardless of your shape, it can kind of look like you're dressing that way b/c you feel fat. That being said, I do have a couple of jersey dresses that fit like that. I like them b/c they don't wrinkle and a pretty comfy since I don't wear several layers of freaking spandex under them. :)