Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Every Day

Speaking of going to the grocery store every day, I did my full week's worth of shopping last night, then got home and realized I'd completely forgotten that I was almost out of olive oil. I was quickly reminded when I ran out of it while cooking dinner. Total first world problem, but now I have to go back to the store! Arg!
I had a really nice weekend- I went skiing at Saddleback, a mountain about 3 hours Northeast of Portland and stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast, the North Country Inn. I highly recommend both the mountain and the B&B. Saddleback had great snow and a lot of fun runs. It also has a lot of black and double black runs with plenty of glades- I can't vouch for the quality of such runs b/c I can't ski down them, but everyone else I was with really enjoyed them. :)
After a weekend of ski food (aka burgers, grilled cheese, and pasta) I wanted to make dinner as green as possible. I opted for Mark Bittman's shrimp with green sauce (mostly parsley and garlic) with some sauteed asparagus stirred in. Unfortunately, it was just ok. The hubby liked it more than I did- I thought it was a little bitter. I'm not sure if it was just that the sauce and the asparagus didn't mix well or if the sauce was out of balance or what. Part of the problem is that the shrimp in Maine are just not that good. I think I may redo this in the future with fish instead of shrimp and maybe with basil as the green component of the sauce.
Of course I've got plenty of ideas for meals for the rest of the week. Up next are chicken tinga tacos. After that I'm planning to modify this tomato, onion, and white bean roast (which is one of my favorites) to include artichoke and asparagus b/c I'm in the mood for lots and lots of veggies. (Hopefully the asparagus doesn't betray me again!) Other meals for the week will be blue cheese buffalo chicken burgers (not the lightest preparation, but I want to do something fun with my leftover ground chicken from last week- basically I'm going to mix blue cheese crumbles, green onions, and some wing sauce into my chicken, then cook it.), a garbanzo bean quinoa bowl with the awesome dressing from my lentil barley bowls, and a quinoa bowl with kale and mushroom gravy. The latter will likely be for lunch since the hubby doesn't share my love of mushrooms.

Anyone making anything tasty this week?

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