Friday, September 4, 2009


I ran 6 miles again last night. I don't really like doing my long run during the week b/c that means I am running after a full day of working and my energy levels are lower than they would be if I woke up after a good night's sleep and promptly started running. (I do, on the other hand, think I am better hydrated during my weekly runs b/c I've had all day to drink my standard 2 Liters of water.) And of course after the run, I have to shower, make a quick dinner, and do the dishes- all things that involve standing on my tired legs. I also prefer running my long runs on the weekends b/c I think I fare much better if I can take a nap after I run. In this case, I ran at 6:30, got home at 7:30, then stayed awake for 3 more hours, feeling pretty crummy the entire time. I am way worse at recovering than I am at running.
Nonetheless, I am glad I ran. The weather has been amazing this week and I am glad I've gotten to take advantage of it. Also, I had to squeeze my long run in during the week again because I am running the 4 mile race on Sunday (Running 6 miles the day before would be, to put it mildly, a mistake). I am very proud of myself for being dedicated enough to knock out my long run during the week.
I will say that juggling my running schedule around my weekends has been a little stressful. Part of this is because I haven't increased my long run distance. This is intentional- I'm following a running plan (that I modified a tad bit) and I know I'm on track. (The reason I have run 6 miles three times without increasing my distance is that you are not supposed to increase your miles by more than 10% a week. I was running 4.5 miles twice a week, so adding another 6 mile run directly to that would have been a lot. Instead, I shortened my short runs, added the additional 6 mile run, then increased my short runs over the course of a couple weeks.) I think I will feel less stressed and more like I'm making progress next weekend when I finally increase my distance to 7 miles, which will be further than I have ever run. I can't wait!

Thinks to look forward to:
The Crescent Connection Road Race
Going to the running store to buy new shoes (post race), Body Glide, and Cliff Shots
Running 7 miles!

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