Friday, January 8, 2010

Inspiration Board 1

There is a trend in the online wedding world, it seems, to make mosaic inspiration boards from images on the net. Here is my first try. I started out going for a color scheme of white, green, aubergine and silver, but somehow it morphed into white, yellow, green, aqua, and silver. Some of the images are just things I like and some are actual images of my venues: The Peristyle at City Park (which will feature both my intimate ceremony and a larger wedding bbq later in the day), Ralph's on the park, where the wedding party will be having brunch, and the Lemieux Art Gallery (which is where the evening cocktails reception will be held). What, doesn't everyone have a wedding in 3 acts? :P
I also have a picture of my actual dress (I ordered it yesterday!) but it's kind of cut off in the mosaic. Also, it will be off white instead of aqua.
Other salient details are the king cake (instead of wedding cake); Zapps, lemonade, croquet, and bocce ball (which I want to have at the BBQ); and pralines as favors. The flowers are white roses in mint julep cups (for the brunch and art gallery) and hydrangeas in mason jars which I think would be adorable for the BBQ. I also really love the little succulent plant as a boutonnierre. All of this is pretty much just brainstorming at this point, of course.


  1. I just oooh'd and ahhh'd aloud looking at all of this. What fantastic ideas! I can't wait to start planning; hydrangeas and non-traditional wedding cake (probably scones) will be part of our wedding as well!

  2. Oh thank you! Making the mosaic was a lot of fun and I think it's neat how I started with one vision and it totally changed by the end. I'm sure this won't be my last.
    Scones sound like a wonderful wedding cake! Mmmm....clotted cream and jam!!

  3. Ooohh I like it. I'm glad you put up pictures because even though I'm a local, I couldn't for teh life of me remember what the Peristyle was!

  4. You are the poster child for research and planning ahead, my dear. And while I highly approve of your color scheme, I must admit that I find purple of any shade delectable.

  5. Thanks! I'm thinking that it will add to the fun at the BBQ and make for some cute photo ops! :) I also loved to play croquet at my grandparent's house when I was a little girl, so it's kind of a sentimental idea as well.