Saturday, January 16, 2010


I treated myself to lunch at Jackson Restaurant on Magazine St. today because I am looking for a place for our rehearsal dinner. Jackson is pretty new- it's been open for 3 months, and today was my first time eating there. My lunch was really good. I had grilled teriyaki tuna steak with sunomono (shrimp, cucumber, and red onion salad) on top of arugula, which was one of their specials. I also had a side of truffle fries. The fries were thin cut and very crispy. It was an excellent lunch! I couldn't resist trying the ganache and hazelnut chocolate stuffed chocolate chip cookies for dessert. (All in the name of research, of course.) They were decadent. The service was also very good.
The restaurant is very pretty, with exposed brick walls and concrete tile floors. I met both of the owners (one of whom is also the chef) and they were very nice.
I like the menu because it is very eclectic. They have burgers and salads as well as more formal entrees so there is something for everyone. I think you could manage to eat pretty healthily there as well. They have a roasted vegetable salad (or sandwich) with goat cheese that sounded wonderful. They had another special, a swordfish steak in a cranberry beurre blanc that sounded really good too.
So if your looking for a new restaurant to check out, I would definitely recommend giving Jackson a try.

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  1. I've never even heard of it. . . but I'm hopelessly behind the times.