Monday, May 31, 2010


I had a really enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. When I got home on Friday, my darling fiance surprised me with tulips, prosecco, and key lime cupcakes. (This made for an *interesting* 5K race later that evening at Greekfest, but I couldn't resist!) Actually it wasn't too bad because I ran with my friend Steph, who generally doesn't race, so I had a good reason to take it easy and just enjoy the run. Afterward, I pigged out on (free) beer, fried calamari with feta, and a gyro.
My darling fiance also brought home a watermelon on Friday, which he proceeded to fill with vodka. On Saturday, we went to Steph's and had a pool party. The watermelon needs further improvement- parts of it were completely bereft of vodka, and parts were eye-wateringly soaked. Eating it was a total guessing game! After the pool party we returned to my house for pizza and movies.
On Sunday, there was a toga contest at Greekfest (and everyone wearing a toga got in free!) Six of us (3 muses thought the weather was too rainy) dressed up like muses (complete with New Orleans street tile name tags) and won the contest! I also ate half a pound of lamb and a baklava sundae. Yum!
Today was spent getting groceries, tidying the house, and grilling fish. Of course now that my long weekend is over I'm actually feeling really exhausted. I'm sure it's nothing that few days of eating healthier food, going to the gym, and getting enough sleep won't fix. But I think all in all I had a little too much fun. :)


  1. Congratulations on the contest! You guys are adorable. I had the feta fries, too - they're so good.

  2. What a busy weekend you had...sounds like a great race.

    The name of your blog is great! I love the description you have on your "about me." :)

  3. Thanks! It was busy and fun, that's for sure! :)

  4. I think this is great. I really like any excuse to dress up in silly clothes--must me teh sorority girl in me:)