Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Bee

I'm never this productive, but tonight I've gone to the gym and lifted weights, roasted a chicken (for dinners later this week), made kale and white beans (dinner tonight plus lunch this week), washed a load of laundry, washed the dishes, and altered a skirt and a dress that I've had forever that were too big. I'm so proud of myself! I still have to iron some clothes for tomorrow and would like to read a bit more of The Secret History, but I just had to blog about everything I've accomplished.
I've really been inspired to rework some items of clothing that were less than stellar lately thanks to the blog New Dress A Day. She gets an outrageous item from the thrift store for $1 or less and makes something adorable to wear out of it every day. Amazing!
I'm not a great seamstress by any means, but I am able to alter my clothes and make things like curtains, bags, and pillowcases when the mood strikes me. (I've made a grand total of 3 dresses and a shirt as well, but that was a number of years ago.) I feel kind of bad about letting my sewing skills stagnate. The hardest step for me is actually getting my sewing machine out and setting it up. It's really hard for me to overcome my own inertia but when I do, I'm always proud of myself. And I think it's a good idea to repair or alter something I have rather than buy new clothes all the time.
So with that in mind, I've dyed a gray knit dress purple to make it look less like a nightgown, removed the waistband from a shrunken dress and worn it belted as a top, adjusted the waist of a lovely Orla Kiely skirt that was too big, and adjusted the torso of a sleeveless black knit dress that was too long. And now I'm really excited to wear them!

Have you done anything you're proud of lately?

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  1. Oh, need dying tips. I have some green-khaki pants that should be black...any tips so I can avoid dying all my subsequent laundry loads?