Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Race Update

Sorry for the long absence! I don't really have a ton to say, but I did want to write a quick update on my race plans. I've decided to skip the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on Oct. 10 and run the Jazz Half Marathon on Oct. 30 instead. I've made this decision for several reasons. First of all, both my 9 mile and my 10 mile long runs were bad. I expected the 9 miler to be bad because I ran a tough race the day before (but felt like I needed to stick to my training plan anyway) but the 10 miler took me by surprise. Let's put it this way: it was so bad that it was actually a 9.5 miler. Basically, it was insanely hot which took me by surprise (since it's cooled down a little bit here at least) and around mile 6 I stepped in a puddle and spent the next 3.5 miles rubbing the skin off my feet. So when I hit my door and realized I'd only gone 9.5 miles, I decided to call it a day. And we won't even talk about time.
My next reason is that my running buddy Margee hurt her foot and doesn't feel confident that she'll be well in time for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon.
And finally, the Jazz Half is $10 cheaper until the end of the month!
After Margee and I talked it over this weekend, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I went out and ran the best 6 miles (it was a "short" long run week) I've run in a long time. (It was also pretty cool Sunday evening, which had to have helped!)
The good run plus the extra training time is making me feel much less worried! I don't really pressure myself to race at a certain pace, but I don't want to get out there and do really poorly compared to my half last year, which is what I think would have happened had I raced on Oct. 10.
In other news, I discovered an awesome oatmeal topping this morning! Unsweetened apple sauce and walnuts- give it a try!!

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