Monday, February 21, 2011

I survived!

Camping was actually a lot of fun. Of course, we were car camping in a brand new state park with really clean bathrooms and a huge tent. We also had an awning that went over our picnic table, a camp stove, and lots of hammocks and chairs. Stephanie even brought an air mattress for me and her to share. So my first camping experience was pretty luxurious. Nonetheless I feel like I've overcome my fear of sleeping in a tent and would definitely go camping again.
The Bogue Chitto State Park itself was kind of boring- all of the camping sites had both tent pads and RV hookups and there were a LOT of RV's. Since it was so new, the foliage was pretty sparse as well. In a year or two, I think it will be a lot prettier once nature has a chance to kind of take back over (unless of course you enjoy seeing nothing but RV's and scraggly pine trees).
There is a 7 mile hiking trail that is really easy- most of it is gravel packed. I really wanted to run it, but I don't think that the other people hiking with me would have appreciated that! The portions of the trail near our campsite were really boring but once we hiked down near the Bogue Chitto River, it got much prettier. That area was called the bottom lands and the camp sites there were prettier as well. Of course, it was sold out when we called, which is why we stayed in the less picturesque lowlands.
So my review of my camping trip is that camping is fun and s'mores are awesome, but the state park we chose needs a few seasons to get back to nature, and the one trail is way too easy if you are looking for a good hike.

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  1. Yay for you!

    I have had several bad experiences camping. But I'm sure that could change...