Friday, February 4, 2011


I am a nail biter. I don't bite my nails every day (more like once a month), but my habit is still pretty awful. In my case, I am fully capable of growing my nails out, but once they are long and pretty- they are in imminent peril. Sometimes I bite them out of boredom or nervousness, but what usually happens is that one nail will inevitably break. Of course, it will break when I have no access to a nail file or clippers, and I'll bite it to make it as smooth as I can for the time being. But once I bite that nail, I want to bite all of my other nails too so that they'll be "even." This of course leads to a downward spiral ending with me having gross nubs for fingernails.
Right now, my nails are nice and long and I'd really like to break the cycle. I think I might try to get a manicure today if I have time.
I'm kind of busy today because I'm getting a "trial" wedding updo after work. Today's gross weather is horrendous for hair- cold, rainy, and windy, which is perfect because if my updo can withstand this weather, it can withstand anything! I am also attending Tulane's Med Prom, so my hair and I will be out and about. Other plans this weekend are to run a few miles (I'm tapering since my marathon is in 9 days! Eek!), go to the Vietnamese New Year's Celebration in New Orleans East, and get croissants with Steph and Sarah on Sunday. Should be fun!

Does anyone have any good tips on how I can stop biting my nails?


  1. oh, i could scream! i just did a long post and because i wasn't "signed in" to wordpress, it didn't accept my comment...and now it's gone. : ( abridged version:

    carry clippers with you. when you're about to bite, trim a little instead.

    admire your nails and congratulate yourself on how well you are doing keeping them looking so nice for your pictures.

    picture them in the pictures!

    try to keep them fairly short so they aren't annoying. that length is easier to manage and you'll likely be able to keep them/most of them like that until the wedding.

    don't beat yourself up about biting them OR losing one or two for the wedding day. in the end, it truly does not matter. i think i broke a nail right before our wedding and i know what, this is not a big deal. i am getting married!!! who cares if a nail or two aren't perfect in our one or two hands shots?! it's our wedding!!!!! hooray!!!

    ok, so this isn't abridged at all and is actually longer. i'm copying before i try to post it! xoxo

    i can't wait to see your close-up hands shots because i know your nails will look great!

  2. Oh I hate it when that happens!
    I totally agree with you on the shortness factor- I did end up getting a manicure and in the process of shaping them, they became a good bit shorter and now they bother me much less!