Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I'd like to have for my Honeymoon

Now that I've finally gotten a good bit of the planning done (I've only got one hotel left to book, but I still have to do bus/train/museum tickets), I'm starting to think *even* more about things I think I need for my honeymoon.
1) A backpack- I'm thinking that this will be more convenient than my giant wheeled suitcase.
2) Shoes- (I'm sure y'all saw this one coming.) I think that along with my naturalizer flats, I'd like a fashionable-ish dark colored sneaker like a puma or maybe a pair of Adidas. I need to replace my beat up pair of black Saucony Jazz's anyway- so this could ultimately double as a casual Friday shoe.
I'd also like a pair of sandals that are actually comfortable to walk in. I'm awfully partial to the Birkenstock Gizehs.
3) I'd also like a fairly secure bag that I can either wear cross body or just under my shoulder. I really think that Lesportsacs are adorable, but I'm also sort of looking at the Baggellini bags (I think I saw some of these the last time I went to TJ Maxx so I'll have to check them out the next time I go there). I've heard that map-case type bags are good, and I also like the Kavu Kicker Bag.

Of course, these are all the type of things that it's better to look for in person, so this online browsing is completely in vain. It's a nice way to get my thoughts in order at least.

What are your travel necessities?

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