Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It never ends

First, I would like to say that I did watch and enjoy the Saints game. Who Dat!!

But what I really want to blog about is that I'm having more pet issues. The first has been hopefully resolved, but all weekend long, Hereaux would sneak into the room where the catfood and litter is, and eat out of the litter box. I will be the definition of understatement and say only that this is an undesirable quality in a hairy dog. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
We are now making a point to shut the door to that room at all times and hopefully this will no longer be an issue. (The cats have another way in, through a door with a baby gate on it.)
Unfortunately, last night, Pancake had a seizure. It was really scary and he's at the vet right now. I talked to the vet and he said that the physical exam was fine and that they're running blood work. He suspects that the seizure is a result of the concussion and head trauma Pancake got when he was run over last fall- the blood work is to rule out any infections being the source of the seizure. I'll probably get to take him home tonight and if it's just a seizure center from the head trauma, all there is to do is watch him. If he has seizures more than once a month, then he will be put on anti-convulsion medication. Poor kitty!
Another really scary thing is that when he had the seizure Homer attacked him. He also attacks the dogs when they yelp (like if I accidentally step on their foot). It's not his best quality. I'm not sure why he feels the need to attack when things are out of the ordinary- I guess it's his reaction to being frightened, but I wish I could do something about it. Too bad there isn't a cat whisperer!

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  1. My friend's dog has seizures. I don't think she medicates her, though.

    Our dog is also a $hit eater and we too have had to resort to baby-gating to take care of the problem.