Saturday, February 20, 2010


Briefly, I wanted to say that I ate 6 servings of veggies today, but only one of fruit. I really haven't had much of an appetite, so I didn't snack at all today. But I had a BIG salad for dinner. I measured it out (a serving of veggies is generally half a cup) and it was 4 servings! In all fairness, I barely made it to the bottom of the bowl because it was a ton of food. My salad had the afore mentioned mache, along with frisee and radicchio, plus shredded carrots, tomato, corn, and garbanzo beans. I topped it with a simple salad dressing (2 T olive oil, 2 T brown rice vinegar, 1/2 tsp mustard powder and salt and pepper to taste) and some slices of turkey sausage. It was definitely tasty (and very much like the salads I love in Switzerland), but in the future I'm going to try not to eat 4 servings of veggies at once. Volume-wise, it is difficult.
My darling fiance is using my resolution as an excuse to push the spirulina powder that he swears is good for me. I think it smells vaguely like a fish tank, but will occasionally add it to a smoothie, especially a green monster, which is green anyway, and masks the taste. However, I may take him up on it, at least every now and then. There are claims on the net that it counts for up to 10 servings of veggies, but if I eat it, I will count it as 1 serving.


  1. That is a lot of veggies for one serving. Do you eat Tuna? I have a great tuna salad recipe with no mayo and lots of veggies.

  2. Haha yeah it was intense. :)
    I do eat tuna (although I have to fight the cats for it :P) and would love the recipe. I'm not the biggest mayo fan so that sounds really good! :)

  3. Go you! I try to get all my veggie servings but it is HARD! On days I'm light on fruit I don't worry about it though, since on a typical day I eat like 5 servings of fruit. It is just so delicious!

  4. Yeah, I don't worry so much about the fruit because I love it and if I'm low one day, I tend to make it up the next. The veggies are the tough part for me! Hopefully this challenge will help me form a good habit of eating my daily servings!