Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspiration Board #2

A few changes this time. I'm kind of obsessed with dusty miller in boutonnieres and bouquets. I also think I'm going to go with a darker color (the aforementioned aubergine) for bridesmaid dresses b/c they will be more wear-again-able that way. Also, I want to turn one of my greatgrandmother Tootsie's sequined broaches into a hairpiece. I've also included a picture of the Russian Mafia Band b/c we are thinking about having them play at the reception.
You can see my first inspiration board here if you would like to compare the two. :)


  1. Very southern! I think it all looks great.

  2. I would just like to remind you that not all of your bridesmaids are so amply filled out in the chest region! :) although I not all of mine were either and everyone looked cute in their strapless dresses. Your wedding looks like it's coming together so well! Southern through and through. :)

  3. Haha well that's not the final say on BM dresses, although I feel that strapless would flatter all of my lovely ladies. :) I am always interested in dress ideas so if you see something cute, please email it to me- but I'm not planning to look seriously for dresses until Oct. I want to give Kaley some time post baby (Ava is due in May) before I make her go try on dresses. :)
    What do you think about dark purple as a color? I want something people can wear again and the blue in my first mosaic didn't strike me as something people would wear again.