Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Update

Pancake came back from the vet last night. He hasn't had any seizures (knock on wood) and his physical exam was perfect. We're waiting to hear back about his blood work. But his vet suspects that the seizure is just a result of the head trauma he got when he was run over. Poor Kitty. I have been told to keep a seizure journal because if he starts having seizures more than once a month, we'll have to put him on medicine. Hopefully there won't be many entries in his journal!
In other news I just wanted to post a picture from the first Mardi Gras ball we attended last Friday. This was Cripple Creek's Ball and production of Ubu Roi. We got a lot of compliments on our outfits. :) Tomorrow night is our second ball of the year- the Arthurians Ball and we'll be going to the Bacchus Ball on Sunday night.


  1. Oh my gosh...just made the Smitten Kitchen marinara sauce. BEST.SAUCE.EVER. My kitchen still smells amazing. I love butter. :)

    Hope Pancake is doing better!!!

  2. I'm glad you loved it! It's so good! Pancake is doing better. I am gonna post about him soon. :)