Saturday, August 7, 2010

Half Mary's

I just worked out my training schedule for this fall. There are 3 half marathons I want to run: one on Oct. 10, one on Oct. 30, and one on Nov. 27. I finished my first long run (6 miles) this morning and if I follow my schedule, I will make it up to 11 miles before I taper down to 6 the week before the first race. (I ran up to 12 miles before my half marathon last Nov. and did well, and Hal Higdon only takes you up to 10 miles prior to a race, so I think having 11 as my longest long run will be okay.) My challenge is figuring out how far I should run during the 2 weeks between the first and second race, and then in the month between the second and 3rd race.

Does anyone have an experience in making a training schedule for multiple races? Should I just skip the second race and only do the first and 3rd?

I had a really great run this morning, when I was expecting to have a lousy run, so I'm really happy right now. It's really easy for me to forget why I run and kind of dread it when the weather is as hot as it is now. However, after my run, I was happily showering and thinking of all the reasons I run.

I run because it makes me happy- There's no negative emotion that can stick with me after a mile or two.
I run because it makes me feel strong.
I run because I get to eat to fuel my runs. (And we all know how much I love to eat!)
I run because it's good for me- body and mind, the health benefits are amazing.
I run because I like to race- the energy of a crowd at race day is amazing to me. (I race with a big grin on my face because I'm happy to be out there.)
I run because I can- I am reminded with every run how blessed I am to have a healthy body that can carry me places.

Why do you do the things you love to do?


  1. i've been running most of my life. i've done numerous marathons, triathlons, and hundreds of races. i've put myself on dozens of training schedules and programs. it goes on and on..
    but i'll tell you my best kept secret, one that most runners do not follow: run as you please.

    that's right. run as you please. if you feel like doing 6, than go for it. if the next day you just want to do 2, that's fine too. same with juggling races in order to be in the best shape for "the big one" - take your running one day at a time and forget all the planning.

    sometimes just listening to your body is the best schedule there is. :)

    xo (happy to have found your blog)

  2. Nice to meet you, Termite! And thanks for the advice. :)

  3. Dude, I think I'm doing all three of those! We MUST meet least after one of the races, maybe? I'm contemplating my training plan too. If you have any light bulbs tell me :)
    So I do kind of long runs on Saturday, probably close to your distances, and I'd love to join you sometime. Where do your runs take you?

  4. I run from my house on Broadway, through Tulane, around the park and back (and do varying numbers of loops/trips up to the fly) and the route back depends on the mileage I'm working on. I am hoping to do 7 on Sat. morning, but I'm not 100% sure it's going to happen because I am having an early birthday Karaoke celebration on Friday night, so I may end up staying out too late. But I fly to Maine for my birthday on Sat. afternoon and I'd like to get my long run out of the way before my trip.
    If you wanna do 8 together the weekend after that, I can definitely commit to a long run then. We can work out the details on daily mile if you want. :)
    I think that you are a lot faster than me though. :)

  5. Let me know about Saturday; I'm up for it. I'll run your pace (I doubt I'm faster than you though) and I can meet you on your route. If not this Saturday, definitely next!