Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat Wave

It is HOT in the city! Today the heat index is 110F. Despite this, I just signed up to do a trail run in the middle of July. I've been told that it is really hot, gruelingly so, but also really fun. Other advice I've been given is to wear old shoes and tie them tightly. Apparently you run through a mud pit during the race and people have been known to lose their shoes!

Adding to the list of random things I want:

A good exercise headband because I haven't found one that stays on my head. Maybe this?

This shirt.


  1. How does a headband help? sOmeone told me it gives you pimples! not true, right?

  2. I just want one to hold my hair out of my face. I think they are also useful in preventing sweat from dripping in your eyes. When I ran last weekend it was disgustingly hot and I had sweat dripping off the bottom of my sunglasses as I ran. Pretty gross!
    As for pimples, I think as long as you change out of your workout clothes (headbands included) right after you workout, wash them, and get a shower for yourself- you shouldn't break out.