Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Clothes

Today I got to go to Lafayette for a work trip, so I was in full dork gear. My darling fiance thinks my office polo makes me look like I work at Best Buy. I'm wearing a polo shirt (over a tank top because I think the polo is a little short), khaki pants with patch cargo pockets and my Keen hiking shoes. Note the oil rig shaped fountain in the background of the restaurant where I ate lunch. Reflections: a) short torso-ed shirts make me look like square shaped. b) I wear these same pants and shoes when I go hiking!
I am going to a friend's birthday party this evening and I will definitely be changing clothes. I will probably wear a black knit dress- so that is 4 items of clothing for today.


  1. Your darling fiancee is a jerk sometimes; not all of us can go to work in pajamas like he does. That said, you do look like a professional engineer. If that bothers you, I think you'll have to accessorize the hell out of that outfit, I don't think you've got a lot to work with. A single diamond on a chain, maybe some of those over-the-top big sunglasses that you women are so fond of and maybe do something fancy with your hair (not just a bun or ponytail - then you would start to give off a retail vibe). Anyway, I'm writing this because I find your "square" comment to be overstated - my darling girlfriend and I went to a video game-related concert last night; you couldn't look as square as some of the women there if you tried.

  2. Yeah, I only wear my company shirts when it behooves me to look less girly and more engineer-y- in this case I was going to a materials testing lab to witness some qualification testing. It was really cool because I got to watch pieces of metal get smashed and ripped apart in the name of science. But I needed to be taken at least slightly seriously. Of course, since I involuntarily flinch every time the metal gets ripped apart (it's LOUD) I was most likely not taken seriously at all.