Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Clothes

Today I'm wearing an outfit that I've posted before (on my post regarding packing for a work trip).
It's a teal knit top from Banana Republic, black slacks from Old Navy (they may have been charcoal in the previous post, but they're the same pant in a different color), and black pointy-toe flats from target.
Reflections: a) I love this top but almost never wore it in the past b/c it was dry clean only. Then I accidentally washed it and it was fine- so now I wear it all the time. It's fitted enough to be flattering, but the band at the waist prevents me from having a weird line where my shirt lays on top of my pants (a pet peeve of mine).
b) I wear my black and charcoal dress pants from Old Navy constantly. They fit well, are comfortable, and appropriate. However, I always feel dorky when I wear dress pants anywhere after work. I think I'd ideally like some pants with narrower legs to transition from work to play a bit better.
c) I love my flats but I wish they had more padding. They're good for work but not for walking around.
For the rest of the day, I'll be wearing a tank top and running shorts to work out in after work, then a different tank top and yoga pants in the space between my post workout shower and bedtime. The workout tank will be the one I wore around the house on Sunday, and the yoga pants will be from Sunday as well.


  1. Ya know, I always wash my BR stuff (after reading the content label). Usually that dry clean only stuff is bs.

  2. I almost always hand wash instead of dry clean my clothes, but throwing something in the washer is still about 100 times more convenient that washing it by hand!
    Also, I'm not sure, but I think I saw you running yesterday. Were you waiting to cross St. Charles onto Tulane's campus a little after 6 yesterday? I was crossing St. Charles heading towards Audubon with my friend.

  3. I wash my Dry Clean only stuff at home--I just put it on the lowest possible setting. I figure if I can't wash it, I'm never going to where, so I might as well just ruin it and be done with the whole thing.