Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday clothes

Aside from my standard lounge wear of the same yoga pants and tank top that I wore for a little while yesterday afternoon and Thursday evening, today I wore my black bikini swim suit, with a cover up consisting of a black knit skirt and a tank top (all from Old Navy) with my black flip flops. I also wore a pair of khaki shorts from J Crew and a green cotton top that I've had for a long time (it was the one I had planned to wear on Wed. night but didn't) along with brown flip flops from Payless. I don't have any pictures of anything I wore today. Oops!
So in one week, I wore 13 items of clothing (if you ignore loung wear, sports wear, and swim wear) and 23 items if you count everything except for underwear, socks, and PJ's. This does seem like a lot to me, especially since I do re-wear lounge wear and work pants. On the other hand, It has been a very social week- going out to dinner on Wed. and swimming today added 4 items of clothing that I'd otherwise not wear. But on the other hand, I may have used more workout clothes had I not had book club on Mon. and dinner on Wed.- so maybe it balances out.
On the plus side, I think my new Keen's are starting to get broken in (knock on wood). I'm wearing them around the house right now and my feet don't hurt!

How many items of clothes do you think you wear in an average week? Do you think you could wear only 6 items of clothes for a month?


  1. Oh, HECK no! I always overpack...probably something to do basic insecurity of appearance. It was especially bad when I knew most of my belongings would be inaccessible for 3 months (read: in transit across the Pacific). So I packed TWO! GIANT! BAGS! Good thing there's no baggage charge for trans-oceanic military flights.

  2. I agree with the insecurity part. I am really picky about how my shirts lay against my jeans and stuff like that, so I like lots of options. Another reason I wouldn't be able to wear 6 items for a month is that I would obviously pick my favorite staples and then risk wearing them out- which would be a tragedy!