Monday, July 26, 2010


I am really intrigued by the 6 Items or Less Challenge that is sweeping the internet. I know for a fact that I couldn't do it (especially since my first thought is that everyone doing it has way better taste than I do- and more versatile accessories), but it got me thinking about what I wear in a week. So, because I'm interested, I think I'll try noting everything I wear this week (or for however long this holds my fickle interest.)
Today I have book club after work, so I made an effort to look cute. I tend to hate going straight to social functions after work b/c I feel very "square" and I'm trying to do a better job of anticipating what I'll be happy wearing out after I clock out for the day- it saves time, and prevents me from going home and madly trying on everything in my closet when I should be walking the dogs.
I'm wearing a black pencil skirt (which I've had for years and was a hand me down from my friend Heather), a fuchsia button down tuxedo style shirt that I got last year from Old Navy- the sleeves are rolled up and it is un-tucked b/c nothing looks good tucked in on me, a black camisole under the shirt, and peep toe pumps (recent hand me downs from my friend Stephanie).
Reflections: a) I love button-downs in theory, but often have trouble finding ones that fit my small frame but don't gap when I button them over my chest. Hence, the camisole.
b) Even when I starch the heck out of them, I run the risk of looking wrinkled halfway through the day. Does this happen to anyone but me?
c) I almost never wear high heels to work because flats are much more comfy. The pencil skirt looks great with heels though.
Yesterday I wore a blue patterned dress and pink and cork platform shoes (both hand me downs from Stephanie- I really love giving clothes I'm getting rid of to people I know, and fortunately for me, I have friends who do as well!) to a baby shower for a friend, then lounged around in yoga pants and a tank top (both from Old Navy) for the rest of the day.

Reflections: a) I love dresses like this, designed with a band around the ribs and a slightly A-line skirt below. They are very comfortable and flattering, but I hate dealing with a side zipper going over the two place where the dress is pieced together. I'm always in danger of pinching myself with the zipper and my arm hurts trying to contort myself to zip it all the way up.
b) I live in workout clothes when I'm at home.

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