Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at the Rouse's near my work in Metairie. Usually, the healthfood pickings are pretty slim at this particular store (case in point, they didn't have my greek yogurt or my 0% organic milk, which are always available at the Uptown Rouses) but it is really close to my work and I can still get all the meat and veggies I need for the week- so I go there for the convenience factor.
I've been craving ice cream for the past couple of weeks, so I decided to see what they had in the freezer section. First I noticed that Kemp's is making little single servings of probiotic frozen yogurt. I picked one up, planning to try it but I wasn't thrilled with the ingredients- high fructose corn syrup and all that jazz. Nonetheless, it's dessert, so that wasn't a complete deal breaker. I put the white chocolate raspberry cup in my buggy and continued looking. Kemp's also makes 100 calorie ice cream sandwhiches that looked tempting, but I thought that I would try those next time.
Finally, on the other side of the freezer section, next to the pies (and Italian ice cream, oddly enough- I guess they have more ice cream than they do space), I found containers of Cyclops Organic Greek Style Frozen Yogurt. Frozen Greek yogurt! The Kemp's immediately went back in the freezer and I chose the raspberry flavored Cyclops (It also comes in coffee, mango, strawberry, and bananna). The stats were definitely not bad. It has 150 calories in a 1/2 cup serving, it is probiotic, and all the ingredients are natural (yogurt, sugar, cream, rasberries, boysenberries, skim milk powder, pastuerized egg yolk, guar, carageenan, and locust bean gums).
I was pretty eager to try it out, so I tried a little spoonful when I got home. It tastes exactly like rasberry cheesecake!!! I am insanely thrilled about this. :)


  1. Hi! I accidentally blocked you on twitter instead of accepting it. Can you resend ... or tell me how to unblock people?

  2. No problem! I'm not sure how to unblock so I will try friending you again. :)