Monday, July 20, 2009


My parents came over Sunday afternoon so my Dad could take apart my car. Since I decided to do Cash to Clunkers, my car is going to be crushed once I turn it in. (And I do have mixed feelings about this, because it's been such a great car- but apparently I am not $3500 sentimental.) When my dad realized this, the wheels in his mind started turning and he told me to ask the car dealer if it was okay if the car showed up missing the radio and a few other parts. We got the green light from the dealer and Dad gleefully started deciding what parts he could cannibalize from my car and use on his boat and motor home. I told Dad that as long as I could comfortably drive it this week, he could have whatever parts he wanted.
Let me tell you that the gaping hole where my radio used to be really drives home the fact that I'm not going to have my car much longer (he's planning to put the radio in the boat). He also took the roof rack, running boards (I think he actually wants to put on my mom's Jeep- which amuses me b/c they say "Explorer") and the rear window windsheild water sprayer (for his motor home). At the end of the week, he's also getting the spare tire (for his boat trailer) and the jack.
Dad, of course, had a great time taking my car apart. Afterwards I showed him some videos of Foresters going off road (because I knew he'd love them) and I think he's really excited about my new car now as well. (Dad's a huge fan of AWD vehicles.) I am planning to take my new car to Gulfport next weekend (provided that I get it on Friday, which is the current plan) and I think I'm going to have to hide the keys to prevent dad from taking it mud riding. Haha!
Anyway, here's a slideshow from Motortrends that has a bunch of pictures of the Forester (two actually, the turbo and regular) in red. It's paired with an article about it being Motortrends SUV of the year in 2009.

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