Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Red Corvette

I don't have a new car as of yet, but I know the exact car I'm getting. I went by the Subaru dealership yesterday because I want a new 2009 Forester (because they are doing a 3.9% interest special on their remaining 2009's to get rid of them, and yes, I qualified for the low interest because my credit score is a beautiful thing to behold) and we had to order one from another lot. It was kind of funny because I had to decided what color I wanted, which is actually something I hadn't considered at all. There were three different colors on the lot in Alabama that we decided to order from- white (which I didn't want), dark gray, and red. Since my current vehicle is black, I decided that dark gray would be too similar and went with the red!!! This isn't a picture of the exact car I'm getting but it's pretty much what it will look like. Doesn't it look pretty?
After that, I went home, quickly wolfed down a bbq chicken breast and some brocolli that my dear boyfriend was kind enough to cook, then we went to see Harry Potter with Steph, Sarah, and Jon at the Prytania Theater. It wasn't my favorite of the series, but I definitely enjoyed myself. All in all, it was a lovely night.


  1. I am so excited for you about your car! What's the countdown until purchase? I have to admit, I'll miss picturing you in the explorer...that was the car I first drove, sharing it with my mom, AND I just always picture you in yours!!! Very excited about the red (and the Subaru),'s such a pretty one. :)

  2. *Hopefully* I'll be getting my car Friday when Cash to Clunkers kicks in! I am so nervous/excited!