Friday, July 17, 2009


I want to go shopping!!! I don't think that I am at all atypical in the sense that I am eternally unsatisfied with my wardrobe. However, I think that my dissatisfaction has increased since I've started buying a lot of my clothes online. Going to the mall is very tiring and annoying (especially when I'm shopping by myself), and shopping online is very convenient- but I think that when I shop in person, my clothes just fit and look better. So I have resolved to stop buying clothes online for a while to see if my wardrobe will benefit.
I am trying to wait until next month, and then go on a bit of a spree in honor of my birthday. I want a couple of pretty dresses, some bras, and some shirts to go out in.
I also need to update my work clothes a bit, but I'm planning on holding out until the fall. Then I will be needing some new dress pants and maybe a few nice long sleeve shirts.
Waiting is hard.
But really, you'd think the knowledge that I'm buying a car in a week would quiet my inner consumer.


  1. Nothing seems to quiet mine, either. I am consumer, hear me ROAR!

  2. I love shopping online but definitely agree that I end up liking stuff a lot more when I buy it in person. Thank goodness for sites like Zappos! Good luck with the car buying!

  3. Haha girls, I totally caved like a couple hours after I wrote this because there was a 65% off dress sale at Macy's so I stopped by after work and bought two very cute dresses. (I wore one last night but forgot my darn camera!) One is a very mod trapeze style dress with big black, yellow, and gray flowers on a white background; and the other is a very 40's style black with little cream dots that falls to mid calf. So cute and both for about $35 each so I did well!