Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goings on

I had a very nice weekend filled with lots of time spent with my dear boyfriend and our friends.
On Friday, in addition to seeing White Noise with my friend Steph, I checked out the bar at Iris. Iris is one of a few bars and restaurants that are beginning to take part in the mixology movement. I forget the name of my drink, but it was delicious. It featured apple brandy, watermelon juice and crushed basil (which was actually replacing tarragon, because I'm not a fan of that herb.) Steph's drink involved strawberries, vanilla vodka (I think) and pine needles. We also split the scallop ceviche appetizer. It was all very tasty and the ambiance at Iris is cool and relaxing. I would definitely go there again.
On Saturday, my friends Sarah and Jon came over and we all ended up playing Apples to Apples until 3am. Jon bought a car earlier that day, so my dear boyfriend surprised him by going to Walmart and buying some truly hideous car accessories. I think they included a giant skull tattoo printed window shade, matching air fresheners, and magnetic racing flames for the side of the car. Too funny!
I slept late on Sunday, and had a pretty quiet day. Sunday evening we had dinner with our friends Bruce and Simone, and a few other friends of theirs at Simone's house. Simone made French cut lamb racks, asparagus, potatoes and salad. It was delicious!
Tonight I am going to Sarah and Jon's to celebrate Bastille Day and am using that as an excuse to pick up some two-bite brownies from Whole Foods. Let them eat brownies!!


  1. I love two bite brownies and always forget about them! Hope you had a good Bastille Day :)

  2. I adore them and the two bite blondies as well. However, I ended up actually getting Napoleon's and Eclairs b/c I thought they suited the French theme. :)