Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I watched Penelope over the course of the past two nights and thought it was an adorable movie. It was a great modern fairytale with a good message (that I won't give away because it becomes a key plot point). I really think that the set and costume design did a great job of using quirky and old fashioned touches to reinforce the fairytale feel of the entire movie. Apartment Therapy did a great post that featured basically all of my favorite things about the set design. As for the costuming, I loved how old fashioned (and somewhat steampunk) Reese Witherspoon's character's clothes look- especially combined with her more modern hair and makeup. I also think they do a good job of making Penelope look like a modern princess. And the details on her purple coat are wonderful. Peter Dinklage's character Lemon, the reporter, also has a great, old fashioned looking wardrobe.
All in all, this movie was both entertaining and beautiful.

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