Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Norma's Sweets Bakery

Yesterday, as I was having my hair colored, my colorist mentioned that her cousin works at a Honduran Bakery in Kenner. Since my office is basically on the line that divides Kenner from Metairie, I was intrigued. I was even more intrigued when she mentioned that they have savory items like sandwiches and empanadas. It turns out that Norma's Sweets Bakery is about a 5 minute drive from work, and so I had to check it out. Especially since it had a nice review on a couple months ago. I was actually feeling pretty blah at work today, so I thought that picking up some lunch from there would be a nice pick me up and a great chance to get out of the office for at least a little while.
I walked into the bakery and everything smelled wonderful! I ordered a cuban sandwhich and allowed myself to be talked into a tres leches cake as well. They also gave me a free guava and cream cheese fruit turnover.
The cuban sandwich was excellent and big enough for two meals (which bodes well for my lunch tomorrow). The bread was crunchy and buttery and pressed flat. It had roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. The roast pork was my favorite part of the sandwich because it was so tender.
The guava and cream cheese turnover was also very good. I've never had guava before- to me it tasted like a cross between strawberry and melon. It was very fruity and good, and the cream cheese made it very rich. It was encased in a warm, buttery, flaky puff pastry crust. I only ate half because I had to save room for a couple bites of tres leches cake.
I happen to particularly love tres leches cake, and this one did not disappoint. The sponge cake was soaked in a mixture of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream that oozed out of the cake after I'd scooped out a bite with my spoon, and topped with whipped cream. It was wonderful and rich, and I only managed to take a couple bites before I was stuffed!
The bakery was full of other items I would like to try- empanadas, tamales, pastries, and breads; plus a great deal of Central American groceries. I will definitely be going back. Although I may have to wait until my arteries unclog. Haha!

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