Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fat of the Land

I went to my parents' house today and brought along my good friends Bonnie and Gabe because Gabe needed 7 lbs. of blueberries to make a blueberry flavored beer. (Gabe's hobby is home brewing- he's very talented.)
Bonnie and Gabe we doubtful that they could get 7 lbs. of berries from our 6 trees, but after an afternoon of picking, we actually got 14 lbs! Mom was so proud. :)
My parents have always been avid gardeners, and this year, they've outdone themselves. In addition to their giant blueberry trees (that my grandfather actually planted years ago) they have a huge garden with all sorts of veggies, as well as another plot for melons, rows of blackberries, and another plot for corn, beans, and wheat.
We helped out in the garden this afternoon and we all took home produce as our reward. We got tons of radishes and new potatoes, and an entire laundry basket full of turnip greens! I also took home two yellow squash, one small zucchini, and the biggest zucchini I have seen in my life. It was longer than my forearm and thicker than a soup can!
Of course, I had to cook it immediately. I had some small bay scallops in the freezer because they were on sale at Whole Foods this weekend, so I decided to stuff the zucchini with scallops. I just made up the recipe as I went along, but it turned out really well so I am going to share it!

1 Zucchini (It doesn't have to be a huge one, but it should be as big as you can find.)
2 cups (give or take) bay scallops
1/4 Italian breadcrumbs
Garlic Powder to taste
Onion Powder to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste
Hot sauce to taste (I used some homemade sriracha that Bonnie gave me)
1 Handful of Parmesan Cheese

Microwave zucchini for 10 minutes. (I had to nuke mine for 15, but it was so big that it almost didn't fit in the microwave!)
Cut zucchini in half, scoop out insides and reserve. Place hollowed zucchini shells in a baking dish, set aside.
Chop up the zucchini insides and sautee them over medium heat in a little butter. Add scallops and cook, stirring frequently) until the scallops are done (approximately 5 minutes).
Add salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders to taste.
If the scallop/zucchini mixture is very watery (mine was), drain the water out and return to the stove.
Add hot sauce to taste. (Note, if you've never tried sriracha hot sauce, I strongly recommend it. It is delicious and pretty easy to come by- it will definitely be in any Asian grocery, but you can find it at a lot of supermarkets as well these days. Here is a fun NYT article explaining what it is.)
Mix scallops and squash with the breadcrumbs and a little bit of the cheese.
Fill the zucchini shells with the scallop mixture, top with the remaining cheese and bake at 400 for 10 minutes.

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