Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Without My Notebook

I had a wonderful weekend! Kristi's wedding was, of course, a huge part of that. Not only was she a stunningly beautiful bride, she was an organized one! Her wedding was amazing, especially considering the amount of work that she and her friends did themselves. At one point, when we were heading out to the limo she exclaimed "Not without my notebook!!!" I told her that would be the title of the Lifetime Movie about her life.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Thursday night, my dear boyfriend and I flew to Seattle. Due to a flight delay in Denver, we didn't arrive until 2am. We stayed at his parents' house Thurs. night and spent an enjoyable Friday morning having brunch and wandering around downtown Seattle with his mom. Brunch was at Le Pichet, and it was wonderful. I had a bowl of homemade yogurt with walnuts and honey, and Le Tartines- two slices of bread with pate on top. So good!
We had lunch at Whole Foods. I am so jealous of the Seattle Whole Foods because they have a noodle/satay bar. After my rich brunch, I was happy to chow down on some tofu and veggie satay. I also picked up some goodies- some Larabar flavors I haven't found in NOLA, a couple packets of Justin's Almond Butter (I love all the flavors they offer and they make a great on the go snack!), and a bag of Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs.
Kristi later told me she heard that the nibs were supposed to be strong, bitter and savory. I put some nibs in my yogurt and fruit this morning and didn't think they were too bad at all. I wouldn't eat them alone by the handful (I'd say they are about as sweet as baking chocolate), but I thought that they were a tasty addition to my yogurt. I'm eager to try them in oatmeal with a banana mixed in. Maybe the chocolate coating is the only thing making them sweet, but I like the strong cocoa flavor as well.
Friday afternoon, we went to Kristi's rehearsal dinner. It was at a park in Renton, Wa that was right next to a lake. It was a beautiful setting for a cookout, and happily, I didn't get too cold! After that, my dear boyfriend went back to Seattle to stay with his parents, and my hotel suite became the bridal headquarters. Kristi, the other two bridesmaids, and I stayed up chatting, snacking, drinking wine, and doing our nails until our friend Janette (who was also sharing the suite but had a late flight) got to the hotel.
We woke up pretty early Saturday morning so we could all get ready to take pictures. Once we were ready we rode to Tacoma in a limo to take pictures in a pretty park. Riding in the limo was really fun- I've actually never been in one before!
After the pictures, we went to the Renton Community center and set up for the wedding. Let's just say that I ended up dreaming about setting tables later that night! We did a lot of work, but everything went really smoothly and the end result was beautiful. I am so proud of how much work Kristi did in advance to prepare for such a gorgeous wedding and am thrilled that it turned out so well. If she gets tired of being a Chemist, she has a promising career as a wedding planner to fall back on!
Finally, we went back to the hotel so Kristi could change back into her dress. A highlight of the day for me was when we all left the hotel singing "Going to the Chapel." It's fun to be so silly with my friends. :)
The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Kristi and her husband Colin read a heartfelt statement to each other before they said their vows and I thought it was really beautiful. I cried because I have known Kristi and Colin for so long and I am so happy for them!
The reception was really great. Kristi made all of the food herself, and it was excellent. The main course was pulled pork, coleslaw, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and salad- to honor her Southern heritage. Yum!
Another highlight of the reception was the wedding cake. It was a 3 layer cake that featured a candy river and a model of Kristi and Colin kayaking in their wedding attire. One of Kristi's friends (who is defending her PHD next week!) made the cake, and Kari, one of the bridesmaids, made the topper. It was amazing. It was also tasty- the layers were champagne cake with mango curd, and almond cake with strawberry filling.
On Sunday, my dear boyfriend and I woke up early to head back to the city to have brunch with his parents. As we were leaving, we actually got to see the newlyweds, which was a pleasant surprise. I didn't think they'd be up that early. Anyway, Kristi gave me a big hug and informed me that if I get married again, I should have a destination wedding. Haha!! I can't argue with that. :)
Brunch this time was at Cafe Campagne. It was amazing as well. I had the Oeufs en Meurette, which was two poached eggs served on garlic croutons with pearl onions, bacon and champignons in a red wine and foie gras sauce served with pommes frîtes. My morning of insanely rich food continued with a stop for gelato. I split a cup of panna cotta and tiramisu gelato drowned in espresso with my dear boyfriend. I was stuffed!!
We flew home yesterday afternoon and other than being long, the flight was pretty uneventful. I've been pretty tired today because we didn't get home until 11:30, but I am glad to be home and happy to be back to my schedule. I am also looking forward to going on a nice run after work. I need to stretch my legs out after so much flying.

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