Friday, May 8, 2009


I read a lot of blogs that pertain to nutrition and fitness, and I get a lot of good ideas for things to incorporate into my own life. I also read a lot of stuff that I think "not in a million years would I try that." I feel that way about raw food and veganism, for example. It's great for some people, but not something I'm interested in.
The Green Monster was something I also put in the "more power to ya" category. I'm not 100% sure what blogger started the Green Monster trend, I think it was Angela from Oh She Glows, but most of the bloggers I read drink them now. Generally, they consist of spinach or kale blended with almond milk and fruit (like a banana or frozen berries). I had no intention of ever making one, but for some reason, this evening I did.
I wanted a smoothie and had all the ingredients, so I thought "Why not?"
My first green monster contains 1/2 a bananna, a few frozen strawberries, 2/3 cup almond milk, 3 big handfuls of baby spinach, and 1 teaspoon of my dear boyfriend's spirulina powder.
Surprisingly, it is really good!!! It's super refreshing, and very healthy. It isn't too sweet, but it doesn't taste vegetal, it just has a mild earthiness from the spinach. I'm a fan!
I've also included a picture for your amusement.

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